Company Background


Wedge Wire offers an efficient and economic solution for the passing of liquids, air and fine particles, providing absolute confidence in the consistent recovery of suspended materials. Its non-binding and self cleaning characteristics are governed by the tampered profiled wires and leading edges that break down the surface tension to create high volume throughputs. Our range of Wedge Wire head widths varying from 0.75mm to 8.00mm with profile depths ranging from 1.20mm to 12.00mm and slot gap range from 0.05mm up to 10.00mm will service all requirements.


Our state of the art manufacturing facility with our experience engineering team will provide you complete solution as per your requirement. We have the latest CAD/FEA facility to guide you for the product you require in your application.

We are a Partnership company that is managed under the headship of "Mr. Yogesh Brahmbhatt" (Partner) and have achieved a significant position in this sector.


Wedge Wire Details:

  • Aperture
  • Section Number
  • Profile
  • Metal

Screen Details:

  • Number needed
  • Overall length - parallel to wedge wires
  • Overall width - parallel to cross rods
  • Cross rods are to be secured by riveting, screwing or clamping